20 Days Left For President Obama To Give Chelsea Time Served

Happy New Year Everyone =)

To recap the events of this past month: Chelsea’s petition asking President Obama to give her time served reached over 100,000 signatures (and did so four days before its deadline).

The ACLU published a blog post demanding that President Obama commute Chelsea’s sentence, and so did Amnesty International.

The ACLU and 16 civil rights organizations, Amnesty International, and many other civil rights organizations wrote letters to President Obama, asking him to give Chelsea time served.

Thurston Moore, Anohni, and Drones Club all released music tracks inspired by Chelsea, and Anohni made a music video specifically asking President Obama to release Chelsea.

On December 17, 2016, Chelsea had her 29th Birthday. As Chase Strangio writes:

In the face of everything, Chelsea engages with the world, models accountability, transparency and camaraderie, and imagines a more just future. Even as she is punished when she fights to live or chooses to try to die — Chelsea dares to claim her truth. She does not give up or give in and we are all better for it.

This year on her birthday, we have a chance to join her fight by calling on President Obama to free her.

Let’s hope the new year brings some good news; for Chelsea and everyone else.

Stay tuned right here, during these next 20 days.

20 Days Left For President Obama To Give Chelsea Time Served
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