Chelsea Manning to Be Released Early as Obama Commutes Sentence
by Charlie Savage, for The New York Times

“Short List” Articles

Articles about the #timeserved campaign launch.

Articles about the petition reaching 100,000 signatures.

“Shortlist” Articles – Before the White House Announcement on January 17

Army Leaker Chelsea Manning on Obama’s ‘Short List’ for Commutation
by Cynthia McFadden, Kevin Monahan, William M. Arkin and Tracy Connor, for NBC News

Chelsea Manning on Obama’s ‘shortlist’ to commute prison sentence – report
by Ed Pilkington for The Guardian

Articles About Reaching 100,000+ Signatures

Chelsea Manning’s Petition Just Topped 100,000 Signatures. Now the White House Has to Respond By Mahita Gajanan, for Time.

Will President Obama Set Chelsea Manning Free?
By Diana Tourjee, for Vice Broadly.

Chelsea Manning Petition Reaches Threshold for White House Response
By Daniella Silva, for NBC News.

Chelsea Manning petition gets enough signatures to require Obama response
By Stephen Feller, for UPI.

Chelsea Manning Petition Hits White House Threshold
By Rob Quinn, for Newser

Chelsea Manning’s clemency petition reaches 100,000 signatures forcing White House response
By Justin Carissimo for The Independent

White House forced to respond to Chelsea Manning as petition reaches 100,000-signature threshold
By James Tennent, for the International Business Times.

Articles About The Time Served Campaign Launch

Articles about Chelsea Manning’s TimeServed campaign from: The New York Times, The Guardian, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The Advocate, National Public Radio, PaperMag, Feministing, Jezebel, Mic…

Chelsea Manning Asks Obama to Cut Sentence to Time Served
By Charlie Savage, for The New York Times

Chelsea Manning Asks President For Clemency And ‘First Chance At Life’
By Eyder Peralta, for National Public Radio

Chelsea Manning petitions Obama for clemency on her 35-year prison sentence
By Ellen Nakashima, for The Washington Post

Chelsea Manning makes appeal for release before Trump takes office
By Ed Pilkington, for The Guardian

Chelsea Manning Petitions President Obama for Shortened Sentence
By Maya Rhodan, for Time

Chelsea Manning Petitions for Time Served
By By Yezmin Villarreal, for The Advocate

Support A Trans Life Now And Ask Obama To Reduce Chelsea Manning’s Sentence
By Meghna Sridhar, for Feministing

Chelsea Manning Asks Obama to Commute Her Sentence Ahead of Trump’s Presidency
By Sandra Song, for Paper Magazine

Chelsea Manning Formally Petitions Obama to Commute Her Sentence
By Brendan O’Connor, for Jezebel

Chelsea Manning, imprisoned for 6 years, asks President Obama to commute her sentence
By Mathew Rodriguez, for Mic