Op-Eds from a variety of people, publications and organizations, all in favor of commuting Chelsea’s sentence (or releasing her altogether), from: the ACLU’s Chase Strangio, Fight for the Future’s Evan Greer, OUT Magazine’s Nico Lange, and the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Trevor Timm.

President Obama, Please Save Chelsea Manning After serving more time in prison than any whistleblower in United States history, it is time for Chelsea to be released. By Chase Strangio, ACLU. For Medium.com

Chelsea Manning Is Running Out Of Time If President Obama does not grant Chelsea’s clemency request before he leaves office, he is condemning her to a nightmarish fate. By Evan Greer, Fight For the Future. For The Huffington Post

Chelsea Manning and Other Trans Prisoners Face Exceptional Cruelty in Jail—Will Obama Do Anything? When sentenced to prison, trans women find themselves housed in facilities that misgender them and make them extraordinarily vulnerable to physical and sexual assault. By Nico Lange, for OUT Magazine

Don’t Punish Chelsea Manning – release her The incarcerated whistleblower is on a hunger strike to protest her treatment. It’s time to heed her pleas for help (Note that Chelsea’s hunger strike ended on September 13, 2016 By Trevor Timm, for The Freedom of the Press Foundation