100,000 Signature Milestone Reached. What’s Next?

Chelsea Manning’s Whitehouse.gov Petition surpassed 113,000 signatures on Tuesday.

These last 30 days have been incredible. Last Saturday, we reached 100,000 signatures!

During the campaign, we received support from numerous organizations and people from all over the world. Amnesty International, the ACLU (along with 16 other civil rights groups), Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Internet Archive, and RootsAction, all helped to spread the word. Daniel Ellsberg and Thurston Moore made videos of support.

Thurston Moore recorded two songs inspired by Chelsea: “Chelsea’s Kiss” and “Sad Saturday.” Drones Club released a dance track, entitled “Chelsea Girl.”  Anohni released a music video with a powerful message of love directed straight at President Obama.

Many people are asking what the next step is for the campaign. In the short term, people are organizing events to celebrate Chelsea’s birthday (which is this Saturday, December 17th) and also help raise awareness about her #timeserved campaign.

There are parties and vigils planned this weekend, to both celebrate Chelsea’s birthday and also her petition for clemency. We have a page to keep track of these, so you can find one going on in your town. We’re hoping to have these going all around the world. Please let us know about them.

100,000 Signature Milestone Reached. What’s Next?